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American Sewing Guild Hall of Fame
Shirley and Denise
Denise Dias, chair of the national ASG Board of Directors - and really great lady, presents Shirley Adams with a plaque commemorating her induction into the American Sewing Guild Hall of Fame. Shirley joins Pati Palmer, Connie Crawford, Sue Houseman, and 6 other sewing industry luminaries. Visit ASG Hall of Fame to see all the ASG stars.

I (Becky, your humble typer) joined Shirley and her husband, John, in Atlanta, August 7, for the Saturday evening banquet. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Betty Watts and Maria Trevino, with whom I have spent years with phone calls and correspondence, but never had the opportunity to meet. Both women proved as gorgeous as they are competent, professional, and kind.

We were joined at the table by several other Hall of Famers so you can imagine my "starstruck-ness." Dinner was delicious and the accolades rang through the hall. Shirley's speech was not as long as an acceptance speech at the Oscar's, but she wanted to thank so many people for their support - including her family.

The Sewing Connection began in 1990, and I joined Shirley in her (and John's) endeavor in 1991 - after marrying their son. Talk about nepotism! I have had the time of my life learning, working, loving, and sharing. I would not have missed it for the world.

Visit Sewing Connection Retrospective to watch the short  version of the Hall of Fame induction presentation on the 17 years of The Sewing Connection. The original was only 17 minutes long so you are missing very little. Watch Shirley fight with a platter purse!