cut out a circle 2.25 inchesFold sides in to centerFold opposite edges to centerfold corners to center to form a square
Origami Hydrangea on Denim

One of my favorite flowers of summer is the Hydrangea. Just a little water and these magical flowers, one-half foot wide, appear. Blue, pink, green, white, even a touch of magenta appear out of lush green foliage.

If you are like me, inspiration comes from everywhere and nature is no exception. If Monet had lived in a desert, we might never gaze wistfully at his work, imagining the cool waters and supple breezes he brings to life in his painting.

Bring that imagery to your work no matter what you do and your creations will always be well done.
denim duster with hydrangea surprise inside lining

Above is a collage of photos for and published in Sew News Magazine wherein they featured an article on hidden surprises. This is the coat I shared with author Peggy Bendel. Inside this western style, A-line duster you find a field of Hydrangeas. Omit the walking ease slit in back as the A-line accommodates this. The shoulders are adorned with stitching of mohair in hues of blue.

I extended the bodice opening to create a "fastener zone", as you can see so the outsides meet up perfectly. You see only the decorative buttons.

 I was inspired by the work of Kumiko Sudo in her book Fabled Flowers (order isbn# 0-8442-2645-9 from

single hydrangea sketch
Origami is an ancient and beautiful art form. Aren't you glad you sew?

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