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Let Your Fabric Speak
Learn to choose the right fabric for your project. Does it ravel? Is the weight suitable? What style pattern are you using? Will the fabric you want drape or will it be stiff? Where will you be wearing the fabric? Series 1 Jacket for Cover
Quintessential Quilting
Change the character of your fabric with quilting. Metallic threads to liven up quiet fabric. Create two jackets from just one pattern by changing the style of the collar and closure.
Vested Interest
Create a special vest and learn which binding method works best for you: knit binding, woven bias, self bias or rib knit trim.
104 Jigsaw Refabrication: Create "puzzle" fabric by binding pieces of fabric with bias edges. Use commercial or self bias binding. Quilt that fabric for even more interest.  Make a vest, tote bag and even a clutch purse. Chapter 109 shows you how to make  fabric for a jacket with old blue jeans and  embellish with faux suede Wisteria. Embellish your jacket with colorful wisteria cut from suede.
Suave As Suede
Use faux suede like a pro: Choose the correct patterns, determine proper amounts. Lay out your pattern to reduce waste. Techniques for pressing, stitching, fasteners explored.
Use your scraps to update a boring jacket, skirt, anything..
Belt Bazaar
Metallics Belts may come and go, but when they are back, make coordinating belts for any outfit. Fleece core belt procedures.
The Midas Touch
Metallic fabrics: follow a few simple rules for handling. Learn needles, fusible materials, pressing. Create a gold lame' blouse, embellish a sheer overblouse with the left over lame'. Don't forget the bag and belt, which are also shown.
Suits Me To A Tshirt
Victorian Denim A simple T-shirt pattern you already have turns into dozens of day or night blouses, suit jackets, maternity top.

Shirley uses this T-shirt method to make metallic fabric tops like the one above, too!
Denim Delights
Use old jeans to create jackets and vests, then add shag, suede, fringe, or add dozens of buttons, rhinestones or studs.

Watch Shirley on youtube add lace and fabric embellishments to a simple denim jacket for feminine flair.

Shag on old cotton jacket. See how shag did the trick!
Neckline Nuances
A collarless suit changes dramatically with neckline insets, Battenberg lace collars, a decorative lapel, or a sailor collar. Antique asian silk
Adams' Apple-Ks
Appliquéing techniques: flat, dimensional, lace, suede. Multiple methods to make a sweater larger.
Wrap Session
The ever elegant wrap for warmth and style. A ruana is similar but larger, like a poncho. Convert them into shirts or coats when no longer in style.
Patternless Blouses
Make any patternless top with a simple starting point. Measure your neck, add a touch of ease, fold your fabric,
cut out that neck area (template shown), cut out arms, stitch.
Patternless Blouse Video
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