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Series 800 - Divining Designers
Passage To India
Cultural and travel influences are featured in this gorgeous silk jacket. Strips of silk are stitched side by side (quilted) to create fabric for this stunning cover jacket.  Silk Strips create fabric
Two for the Price of One
Two jackets are created with crushed velvet pony print and faux leather. Detailed instructions take you from start to finish. Note: my daughter wore the pony jacket to an outdoor concert. The rain bled the dyes in the pony fabric so pre-test everything. Two for one leather and faux fur
Building a Framework
Interfacings explained. Improve your garments with proper use of fusibles and interfacings, what to use where.
Altering Shoulders
Sleeves: how to make and use a test pattern; make garment adjustments for fit across the shoulders. Perfect busines to casual attire
Up My Sleeve
Sleeves: Make those sleeves fit the pattern you are making. Eliminate puckers, use sleeve heads properly, and shoulder pad insertion.
Sleeve Plackets
Sleeves: Continuous lap, simple hem, dart hem and tailored placket with template included. Sleeve Plackets
SEAMS ... Added, Padded, Faced and Graced
Make your seams design features. Straight, added, curved, padded, faced or graced seams that are decorative open a new realm of possibilities. Demonstrated is a marvellous vest using these ideas.     
Platter Purse
Clutch purses NEVER go out of style. Get the kitchen platter into your sewing room as the pattern for these artistic palettes. Simple to make handbags match any outfit.
 Watch Shirley make a platter purse   Visit a Gallery of Clutch + Other bags
Upholstering Chair Seats
Tired of your dining room chair upholstery? Recovering and cushioning and all. It is too easy not to do.
Twice As Nice
Twin needles: how to use twin needles in hemming projects, as fashion highlights, circular pintucking. Choose the correct presser feet for the job.
Multi Media
Refabrication: Shirley creates her own fabric again with strips of UltraSuede and wrinkly fabric to make bomber-style jackets.
Cutting Edge
Cutwork design for modern fashion.. Preserve those fine and antique linens that you hate to put on the table - put them on your back instead.
Opulent Outcasts
Recycle all those scarves clogging your drawers. Create wonderful blouses and jackets with scarves, ribbons, tubes and other embellishments. Scarves create coats