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Series 11 DVD New World and Old World
Chameleon Wardrobing
A four sided reversible vest, pictured on the cover of Series 11, combines 3 colors of fabric and complimentary colored mohair cords. Learn how to make and embellish this vest. cover of Series 11
Come Fly With Me
Transfer things you see to your sewing. Twin needle pintucking and free motion stitching transforms subtle to outstanding. My favorite? Farm fields you see from the airplane become design features in single color fabric.
Ups and Downs
Learn to adjust patterns if you put on or lose weight. You don't need a diet or new patterns. Shirley demonstrates easy changes for bodice, pant, skirt, sleeve, and clever gathers on bodice back. barbie clothes
Wardrobe in Miniature
Marvelous ideas from Donna Salyers' Fabulous Furs. Shirley introduced you to her favorite faux fur previously, but now expands that instruction with doll coats and, for real size people, faux leather vests, collars, and skirts for country fun.
Kid's Art
The original! Take your kid's art off the fridge and put it on your sewing projects with scan and sew products from your sewing machine manufacturer. Make this denim jacket with a puffy fish embellishment that folds into attached pocket (take a breath) which then reverses to a shoulder bag.
Drench Coat
Remember those horrible raincoats from yesteryear that made you as humid as July in Florida? No more with the new and easier to work with water repellant nylon, vinyl coated, or faux leathers. Make your own with features you can't find in coats off the rack. Popular western wear
Shear Pleasure
Shear fabrics can be a real pain in the cutter unless you know these simple secrets. Shirley also shows you how to make a patternless "peekaboo" coat. When you make the cuts, beautiful pink fabric peaks from underneath the severe blue.
Hidden Assets
Refabrication: Pleating, decorative stitches, laces, stitching over ribbons, couching beads by the yard salvage fabrics that have stopped speaking to you.
Breaking Away
Start with one pattern and create a skirt with different seams, panels and borders. Add pleats to blouse or jacket. Blue and bronze leather skirts, pleated shirt. Garment lines create illusion of smaller size. started life as blanket and sheets
Show-Off Sheets
Designer sheets are the basis of an incredible Japanese samurai long jacket. A blanket from a designer outlet makes a fabulous full collared coat with self bias edges. Yardage chart tells you what sizes to buy.
Simply Wonderful
Series 9 showed you how to create a coat and jacket with a single piece of fabric. Let's revisit, but make pleated sleeve caps, banded bottom, fasteners and buttons, pockets. Western skirts and vests
Stitch a Match
Even more on that kind of patternless jacket. Embellish for any occasion, linings, self belt, fabric tubes.
Strip With a Zip
Use Coats and Clark separating zippers to create a fur and leather jacket vest in gorgeous bronze FabuLeather and FabuFur. Install a zipper to lengthen or shorten a great skirt.