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Untie The Ribbon
Refabrication: Silk ribbons make fabric for Shirley's ribboned patternless jacket pictured right.  Ribbon Patternless jacket
Selectively Silk
Silk - the queen of fabrics. Safely handle many kinds of silk in just the right way starting with selection, pretreatment, shrinkage, pressing, underlining, hemming, bias, and cutting.
Fab Frogs
Start with this yardage chart, we'll go step by step to achieve the look and use of any frogs you like. A tube turner and guides for your machine combined with cable filler create these ingenious closures and embellishments.
Couch Potato
Multiple couching techniques and proper presser feet inspire you to create. Blue wool and suede short sleeve jacket with mohair embellishment is breathtaking. Include a single novelty button? Wow!
Inherently Wrinkled
Create or purchase wrinkled and textured fabrics. Learn how to stabilize, cut, layout, interface and assemble. Blue pant suit, skirt and top perfect for travel; dress or casual. Rebeccas Birthday suit
Professionally Press
Remember "homemade's only good when it comes from the kitchen." Pressing your garment at strategic points in its creation will make your finished project look most professional.
The Swing
Swing is Back! In music and clothing. Wouldn't you love to twirl around the dance floor in a full a-line skirt?
By adjusting your pattern, the "Swing" is a comfortable, convertible wardrobe option. Add A-line flare to green leather coat; melon colored wool jacket, skirt and blouse; teal blue vest swing suit.
Feasible With Fusibles
Starting with an adjustable pattern, a red vest without seams is made using fusibles and various techniques to create new looks. Also shown, blue pants and vest, little girl and doll's matching ribbon jackets, handbags. Amanda and her doll
Let's Go Little
Create beautiful things for the little ones in your life; weave a ribbon vest, lace collars, linen cutwork or an appliquéd collar, an eyelet pinafore, wide ribbon sash and a Pocahontas skirt.
A Pattern's Versatility
Incredible interpretations of one pattern create a multitude of fashions. A single pattern becomes a a blouse and a jacket, same pattern from 1204, with a few changes.
Something Old and New
HeartWarmers Coat Download the instructions for Heartwarmers Jackets

or just

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Watch Shirley make the jacket
Love Those Lapels
Have some favorite dresses, V-necked sweaters, cardigans or suits? Endless options to easily create, change, add to or "dress-up" those garments. Use metallic threads with decorative machine stitches, quilting pieces, beads, braids or ribbons on these added lapels.
Inset Wardrobing
Like 1212, see how insets can give your wardrobe a new look, turning day looks into evening wear, without permanently altering a garment.