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Series 13 DVD - The Third Dimension
Dimensional Cutouts
Use your embroidery cutwork card or free-hand to stitch the shapes of leaves onto fashion fabric backed with fusible webbing. Cut them out, then create lapel, neckline inset, decorative touches - it is endless.  I used leaves to make a camisole, and in 1304, falling autumn leaves on lattice work. Learn  the correct stitch, fabric, interfacing and stabilizers. Cutwork embroidery leaves
Denim Plus
Sequins on denim? Learn to handle it for evening not-so-casual wear. Denim goes  dressy with addition of matte gold fabric and golden piping for a whole suit, work or play.
Plum Tuckered Out
Tucks include twin needle stitching and are not difficult, but add much in architectural interest to an otherwise plain garment. Shirley demonstrates pleating method to create fabric for a tucked, twin needle stitched vest including pattern layout.
Permanent Pasta
Create this lattice work vest with your fabric tubes. Cutwork embroidery brings your falling leaves to life. Tubes also add western fringe to vest or skirt. Lattice Vest with leaves
Developing Roundness
The roll lines where lapels fold back as are the techniques to achieve professional looking results. Follow Shirley's methods for eliminating puckers from shoulders, and hem your sleeve bottoms professionally.
Lavish With Lace
Shirley demonstrates a lace camisole and neckline inset. She demonstrates application of lace on not-so eye-catching sweaters. A Sewing Connection crew favorite is her attempt at dying faux fur and lace. DO NOT try this at home.
Correcting Patterns
Find a mistake in a paper pattern? Find solutions to a myriad of pattern fitting problems and what to watch for when purchasing patterns. Create a simple wrap skirt, tie skirt, and add a yoke line to a tailored shirt pattern.
Pieces of Enchantment
Shirley and friends play "show and tell" with refabrications. Peekaboo fabric (slash and wash repeatedly so the outer layer frays to reveal fabric colors underneath), white denim applique, box pleats that open to different colors.
This Lining Works
Finally, a formula to cut, construct, insert, and hem a lining that fits perfectly, and looks professional.
Just Doodling
Free-motion stitching functions on your sewing machine inspire unique embellishments for any garment. Stray cats strut on the brick wall under a quarter moon. Take a picture of a beautiful garden and reconstruct it on a jacket, dress, purse, or wall hanging. Think sunflowers or daisies and use ribbon for stems. Embroidered cat on a metallic wall

Becoming Bias
Convert straight grain to bias? You bet! On a paper pattern, fold the bottom corner up so the grain arrow becomes a 90 degree angle- a square. Give the resulting fold a sharp crease and it becomes a bias arrow, 45 degree. Position that new line on the fabric straight grain and viola! True Bias. A bias fabric conversion chart is included at the end of the book.
Flowery Finishes
Victorian style floral embellishments include garden beauties like red Dior roses, hydrangeas, ribbon embroidery, and red machine embroidery on red vest speak elegance.
Two Fold Jacket
Use elaborate fabric or elaborate embellishment on a simple fold and cut jacket - but not both or you might be overwhelming. Shirley demonstrates the ribbon jacket from 1201 and a sequined denim jacket. Again, patternless.