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Series 16 DVD - The Land Down Under
Down Under
Hand painted silk from Australia is pieced and quilted into a jacket depicting a dreamy Great Barrier Reef. Recycle your old but loved, and probably expensive, scarves.

Watch Shirley create this quilted jacket on Amazon Instant Video.
Cover of Series 16
House In A Box
Kid House Build a playhouse in an afternoon from fabrics you already have!

Watch on Amazon Instant Video

Designing Buttons
Can't find a commercial button? Make your own easily using any fabric, creative stitchery by hand or machine, and a simple button kit you purchase at your favorite notion's store. Watch Shirley on youtube show you how easy and fun it is.
The Shell Game
Use this dart sheet to create fit that enhances almost any figure. Create trial garments after taking accurate measurements from inexpensive gingham. It is easy to read the wrinkles to determine where darts are needed. Method for Dowagers Hump discussed. Watch on Amazon Instant Video
Bare Bones of Fashion
The framework supporting a garment is its interfacing and underlining. Watch Shirley on youtube determine the types to use for style of garment and fabric choices.
Mesh Fabrics
Fun for travel and casual, these woven fabrics can present a challenge to achieve professional results. Watch Shirley on youtube demonstrate seams, hems, and combining with other fabrics.
Northern Exposure
Watch on Amazon Instant Video as Shirley conquers cold weather with fabulous fake fur coats and jackets. For not-as-cold climates, fleece fabrics ward off the chill. Donna Salyers Fabulous Furs provide the fun.  Kid's Fun
Particularly Pretty Pillows
Wonderful cushions in the high price range can be made for little or nothing at home. Watch on Amazon Instant Video for a wealth of ideas and instructions.
Really Small Investments
Watch Shirley on youtube make children's vests as they permit much creative license. As much fun for you to make as it is for the child to wear. These projects provide an almost fool-proof method to introduce children to the joys of sewing.

Create a funtastic zoo on a denim vest, a bird sanctuary, any number of fun worlds
The Cutting Edge
Embroidered cutwork adds interest to many fabrics and garments.

Watch Shirley show enhancement on two simple vests.
cutwork adds elegance
Creating Necklines
Alter necklines for comfort and style. Create any garment neck opening from a basic pattern. Shirley creates a simple black vest with a 16" separating zipper adorned with crystals.

Watch the lesson on youtube!
Bridging The Gap
Bias cut fabric tubes are the perfect answer to fill in a garment space vertically or horizontally. Embellish while filling a need for more fabric.

Watch the lesson on youtube!
Bomber Jacket with Tubes
On The Front Line
Abbreviated fronts as introduced in Series 12 are expanded with new fabrics and embellishments. Bonus section: oops, I ran out of fabric, again!

Watch the lesson on youtube!