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Series 17 - Fini'
Coming Up Roses
Gorgeous rhubarb colored boiled wool is the basis of this simple jacket. Bias edges, pearl buttons, and beads add distictive and artistic fun.
Wool jacket
Royal Princess Lines
Understand and create shaped seams using princess lines for a perfectly fitted bodice - no gapes, no button stretch.

Perfect bodice lines for perfect fit
Color Me Clever
Create an exquisite origami top with six squares cut, folded, and joined into a bias Patternless Jacket. Finish the edges in faux or natural suede.

Print Chart Correction

Origami Jacket
Gray Skies
Turn simple gray fabric into a parade of kimono silk umbrellas to brighten any garment. Fuse, cut, and stitch a simple vest.  
Click to print kimono satchet pattern

Brighten gray skies with color
Water Colors
Quilt layers of sheer fabric to create firmness for jacket or vest. Watch Shirley make a triple layer handkerchief skirt, and an ocean blue vest with beads.
layers of shear fabrics combine for singular beauty
Deep Purple
Create two stunning deep purple faux leather garments, a simple vest with quilted applique, and a perfectly fitted purple jacket. Set those sleeves in with NO puckers!
deep purple faux leather
The Town Red
Treat yourself to a racy red faux leather jacket or vest and detail with designer finishes.
Longer than the coat in Black Magic from Series 7, program 10.   

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Color Blocking
Join leftover color and care compatible fabrics for new life as fabric for vests that blend many pieces in your wardrobe.  Watch on Amazon Instant Video now for $1.99
Collecting Color
Watch Shirley on youtube and discover the power of assembling color groups from your notions and fabrics. Create a shoulder bag with Baramundi from Australia. Learn seminole piecing in silk. Cuttwork suede samples create a clutch bag. Color coordinate scraps to plant a garden oforigami hydrangeas on a purchased denim jacket. Print these fabric origami garden plans.  
Wildly Colorful
Watch Shirley on youtube tame wild oversize panel prints. Make into garments by considering figure flattery and wearability.  Purple Jacket Woven
Changing Colors
Watch Shirley on youtube create wardrobe combinations by weaving extra yarns into handwoven purple jacket. Sample pieces demonstrate designer flair for other projects.
Neutral Accents
Watch Shirley on youtube combine small quantities of distinctive fabrics, subtle in color, that lend marvelous texture and design to other fabrics. Vest and bags demonstrated.
Coat of Many Colors
A wild silk fabric with brilliant color yarns make one jacket to wear with everything you own. Replace the basic black jacket for versatility in your wardrobe!  Watch on Amazon Instant Video now for $1.99